day 1 - aug 22, saturday
hastings to buffalo, ny, via catskill st. park, ny.
stop in cooperstown, ny for lunch
8-9 hours driving time, then go see Niagra Falls

day 2 - aug 23 sunday
buffalo, ny via London, Ontario, kalamazoo, MI, and chicago, IL, to Madison, WI
11 hours driving time, plus border crossing times.  long day?

day 3 - aug 24, monday
Madison, WI via Eau Claire, WI, to Sioux Falls, SD, or wherever we get to.
6-7 hours driving time
 -- baseball notes:  sioux city explorers play in sioux city (not falls!) at 7:05pm

day 4 - aug 25, tuesday
Sioux Falls, SD across South Dakota to Rapid City, SD, and Mr. Rushmore.
5 hours driving time, followed by looking-at-mountains and stuff.

day 5 - aug 26, wednesday
Rapid City, SD to Devils Tower National Park, WY, then to Sioux City, IA
10 hours driving time

day 6 - aug 27, thursday
Sioux City, IA to Winterset, IA
3 hours driving time, then gardens, cats, parents, sweet corn

day 7 - aug 28, friday
Winterset, IA to Louisville, KY
9-10 hours driving time
 --- baseball notes:  louisville bats play 7/28 in louisville 7:05pm

day 8 - aug 29, saturday
Louisville, KY to Richmond, VA
driving time 8-9 hours
 -- baseball notes:  norfolk tides play 7/29 7:15pm in norfolk, va

day 9 - aug 30, sunday
Richmond, VA to Hastings on Hudson, NY
driving time 6 hours